Copper Vent Covers - Copper Roof, Wall and Chimney Caps
Quality Copper Vent Covers Repel Corrosion and Add Value and Charm It shouldn't be so hard to find a nice looking metal vent. We are glad you found us!

Copper Vents may initially cost a bit more than stock vent items at hardware stores and supply houses, but their long term benefits will end up actually saving you money over time. Consider a plastic louvered dryer vent in a corrosive, salty marine environment. You will be lucky to get 3 years of functional life from a vent like this in a beach setting. The salt, sun, wind and rain will rapidly deteriorate the vent, causing it to get stuck open (not energy efficient) or stuck closed (fire danger) in a short amount of time. Ask yourself if it is worth your time or paying a repair person for their time, to replace the vent multiple times over the years. In most cases this just doesn't make sense. Our copper vent caps and covers will naturally patina adding charm and will not rust or deteriorate. If you own a historic or traditional home which uses copper accents or you just want to upgrade the quality and look of your existing vents, consider using copper venting products.

Copper Dryer Vents

Our copper dryer vents are made from 16 oz copper and hand pressed together for a sturdy finished product. A high quality properly functioning and maintained dryer vent will prevent lint buildup and expel heat and moisture from your house. This will reduce your chances for mold and mildew accumulations inside your home and clothes dryer fires.

Copper Kitchen Range Hood and Side Wall Vents

A common complaint that we hear from customers is they just spent a small fortune on a fancy kitchen range systen and the manufacturer of the range supplies them with an exterior vent of poor quality or many times no vent at all. Our copper range and side wall vents work with all of the big name brands including: Amana, Best, Broan, Bosch, Dacor, Jenn-Air, GE Monogram, Sharp, Wolf, Viking, Thermador and many more.

Relevant Testimonial

"Thank you so much for providing us with this beautiful copper range vent! I was stuck with a nice new cooktop and I couldn't use it because neither the appliance shop or the range manufacturer gave us a decent vent cover. It was cold outside so I had to cover the gaping vent opening and not use the range until we could locate a vent cap. I googled "copper vent" and you came up at the top of the list. Glad we found you! Thanks again.

-Jennifer in Portland, Oregon

Copper Roof Vents

Your roof takes a beating. There is no way around that! Rusting, cracking and decaying roof vents are a prime cause of costly roof leaks and damage. Copper roof vents are a cost effective way to prevent this. If you put the right vents on your roof the first time, you can avoid a litany of problems later.

Copper Roof Plumbing Vent Flanges

A white PVC plumbing pipe protruding out of your dark roof sticks out like a sore thumb. Rubber boot plumbing flashings will deteriorate and decay over time causing leaks. Try a copper plumbing vent flange over the top of these eyesores and eliminate your problem once and for all. Our plumbing flanges are easy to install with no shingle removal and have a frost resistant flange for seasonal climates. We offer these plumbing flanges in flat, standard or steep pitched models which are adjustable.

Copper Chimney Caps

Chimney covers or chimney caps are an important protective device for the top of your chimney flue which serve a number of purposes. First they prevent rain and snow from getting inside your flue and deteriorating the inside lining of your chimney. Chimney repair is often difficult and expensive work. Secondly certain chimney caps prevent wind from backdrafting and pushing smoke back inside your house. Inside smoke is smelly, messy and can potentially mean dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are inside.

Copper Eave Soffit and Foundation Vents

This style of vent is very often hard to locate. If you are looking for quality soffit or foundation vents or want to match existing copper accents on your home, browse our different eave and soffit vent styles.

Main Points:

Copper is a durable and corrosion resistant material, requiring low maintenance which naturally patinas and adds beauty to your structure. Sustaninable materials are a hallmark of green building practices and copper plays an important role. For more interesting articles about copper click here