Custom Metal Vent Products


We will customize our products on certain orders based on our discretion in the following areas:

Wall Vents

Collar Pipe Length -Extend or Shorten the Throat Tube Length. Pipe Can Be Extended Up to 14 Inches for Insulated Concrete Form ICF Homes or Other Thicker Walled Homes Email [email protected]
Louvered Copper Vents - Flush 3 Louvered Copper Side Wall Vents Example
No Collar Pipe - Remove Throat/Tube for Flush Mounting Example
Collar Material - Stainless Throat Collar on Copper Vent (in quantity)
Rectangular Wall Vent Dimensions - Custom Sized Wall Vents for Special Projects
Color - Standard Colors are Black, Brown, and White (Painted Metal Vents Here)
Mix & Match Hood with Collar - Larger Hood and Smaller Throat Collar is Available
Add Wind Defender - Springs and Wind Guards can be Added to Wall Vents Example
Add Magnetic Damper - Magnets Added to Galvanized Vents to Keep Damper Shut Example
Vent Cover Only - Cover Existing Vent Termination Caps in Multiple Termination Scenarios Example

Roof Vents

Hard Connect Pipe - Add a Hard Connect Collar Under the Roof Flange (for flex tube) Example
Clearance - Longer Throat or Clearance for Shake Roof or Snowy Climates Example
In-Line Damper - Add Butterfly Backdraft Damper to Roof Vents Example
Globe Vents - Half Sizes for Round Diameter Can Be Accommodated

Chimney Caps

Length of Adapter - The Chimney Cap Adapter Can Vary in Size Upon Request
Add Screen - 1/2 Inch Spark Arresting Screen Upon Request

Metal Log Post End Caps

3" - 14" Diameter. Available in Galvanized, Aluminum, Copper or Powder Coated Colors
Log Cabin Round End Caps Seen Here

Heavy Duty Metal Kick Plates and Push Plates for Doors

Copper, Stainless, Aluminum or Brass Door Kick Plates add Decoration and Protection
Kick Plates and Push Plates Seen Here. Email [email protected] for quantity orders

Metal Corner Covers

Protect Sheetrock Corners from High Traffic Areas and Add Decorative Wall Accents Seen Here Email [email protected] for pricing

Ornamental Decorative Custom Metal Work

Email [email protected] or Call (206) 406-7346 to Order
Samples Seen Here