Custom Metal Vent Products


We will customize our products on certain orders based on our discretion in the following areas:

Wall Vents

Collar Pipe Length -Extend or Shorten the Throat Tube Length. Pipe Can Be Extended Up to 14 Inches for Insulated Concrete Form ICF Homes or Other Thicker Walled Homes Email [email protected]
Louvered Copper Vents - Flush 3 Louvered Copper Side Wall Vents Example
No Collar Pipe - Remove Throat/Tube for Flush Mounting Example
Collar Material - Stainless Throat Collar on Copper Vent (in quantity)
Rectangular Wall Vent Dimensions - Custom Sized Wall Vents for Special Projects
Color - Standard Colors are Black, Brown, and White (Painted Metal Vents Here)
Mix & Match Hood with Collar - Larger Hood and Smaller Throat Collar is Available
Add Wind Defender - Springs and Wind Guards can be Added to Wall Vents Example
Add Magnetic Damper - Magnets Added to Galvanized Vents to Keep Damper Shut Example
Vent Cover Only - Cover Existing Vent Termination Caps in Multiple Termination Scenarios Example

Roof Vents

Hard Connect Pipe - Add a Hard Connect Collar Under the Roof Flange (for flex tube) Example
Clearance - Longer Throat or Clearance for Shake Roof or Snowy Climates Example
In-Line Damper - Add Butterfly Backdraft Damper to Roof Vents Example
Globe Vents - Half Sizes for Round Diameter Can Be Accommodated

Chimney Caps

Length of Adapter - The Chimney Cap Adapter Can Vary in Size Upon Request
Add Screen - 1/2 Inch Spark Arresting Screen Upon Request

Metal Log Post End Caps

3" - 14" Diameter. Available in Galvanized, Aluminum, Copper or Powder Coated Colors
Log Cabin Round End Caps Seen Here