Energy Efficient Vents and Air Ducts
Seal up leaky vents and air ducts and save money!

Luxury Metals specializes in high-quality exterior metal venting products and offers a few small yet very effective items that will help you save money in your home by properly sealing leaky air ducts.

#1: Try a magnetic sealing wall vent to vent your kitchen range hood vent, bathroom vent or dryer vent. The magnetic wind defender vent closes and seals tight so that old man winter doesn't creep inside and leave you with a freezing dryer, bathroom, oven or microwave. The simple addition of a properly sealing air damper will make a big difference in heat and energy loss. Improperly sealing vents can bang, open and rattle like this. Click for Video

Banging or leaky air vents are very wasteful, not to mention irritating and make your home uncomfortably cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Your furnace, air conditioning units and bank account will thank you for the reduced "workload".

copper wall vent Damper Door Stays Shut in
Wind and Weather

#2: Try an energy-efficient butterfly backdraft damper in your existing ducting to keep hot and cold air out. Butterfly dampers have been around for a long time but are still not used in many climates. They open in one direction to allow the fan to push exhaust air out but close when their fan is off to reduce the backflow of outside air. They have a quiet foam closure seal.

butterfly damper Quiet Foam Energy
Efficient Seal

Additional Energy Saving Resources

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These are easy one time solutions that make a BIG difference!