Exterior Wall Vent Covers
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Exterior wall vent covers aid in removing heat and moisture that can build up in a home's ventilation system. Exterior wall vents are also needed to relieve pressure that builds in the system threatening to damage that system if the pressure is not released. Moisture, heat and pressure can be very damaging and a threat to the health and safety of those living in the home. It is very important that your home has a good quality and properly maintained ventilation system. Be sure to set up annual or semi annual inspections of your heating and cooling system with a qualified HVAC professional.

Exterior wall vent covers are mandatory for any properly functioning home. Without exterior wall vent covers to protect the ventilation system, that ventilation system and the home can suffer damage. Exterior wall vents allow your home to shed moisture, pressure and heat and provide a barrier from wind, rain and other precipitation. Exterior wall vent covers also prevent, mice, squirrels and other rodents from access to your warm and cozy pipes.

When selecting an exterior wall vent be sure to double check the size of the duct-work you are covering. Most dryer vents are 4 inch round in diameter for example. Most bath vents are also 4 inches. Kitchen range vents vary depending upon the CFM rating. CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute" and is a measure of how much air flow your fan is pushing. The higher the CFM the larger the ductwork and exterior vent cover you will need to vent the air. Older model kitchen range exhaust systems might call for 6" round ductwork and vent covers, while newer and fancier range hoods might push out 800 cfm or 1,000 cfm or 1,200 CFM in which case you would want an 8" or 10", maybe even 12" round exterior wall vent. Rectangular connect exterior wall vents are also available. Smaller systems use 3.25 x 10" or 3.25 x 12" duct caps. Larger systems may use 6 x 8 inch or 6 x 10 inch vent covers.

Luxury Metals offers many different sizes, shapes and materials of exterior wall vents. Check your manufacturer specifications and double check your measurements before ordering products. If you are at all confused or have questions please feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to help.