LEED Energy Efficient Exterior Metal Vents

Wind Rattle Guard - Spring Loaded Damper Vent

Weather Seal - Recylable Metal

Energy Saving Outside Metal Vent Caps

  • Dryer Vents, Range Vents, Bath Exhaust, Solar Applications, Fresh Air Intake
  • Wall Vents, Roof Vents, Eave Vents, Turbine Wind Vents


  • Less Heat or Cooling Loss Equals Less Energy Waste
  • Materials that Do Not Need Paint, Last Longer and Made of Recyclable Metal
  • Quiet Closing Vent Flapper Damper Door
  • Animal and Pest Resistant Vent Covers

Technical Details

  • Copper, Stainless Steel and Galvanized Vents Available
  • Use for All Exhaust or Intake Needs for Roof or Side Wall Venting
  • Metal Sourced from the USA and Higher Grade than Mass Produced Products
  • Quality Outside Metal Vents Manufactured in the United States
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