5 Inch Portable Air Conditioner Wall Vent Intake & Exhaust Caps
Why are 5 Inch Portable Air Conditioner Wall Exhaust Vents So Hard to Find? We Have No Idea, But Think We Can Help!

Let us know if this scenario sounds familiar? Its the middle of summer. You have a hot apartment or condo or just a hot attic bedroom space and you want a good cool night of sleep. You NEED a good cool night of sleep. You need air conditioning and you need it fast. You have suffered long enough!

You finally break down and go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy a fancy new portable rolling air conditioning unit. You are excited! You will soon be enjoying the cool breezes of Anytown, USA, despite the sweltering heat outside. Your restless sweaty nights of poor sleep are over. You're fired up! You open the box and roll the unit to your room. You're all ready to hook everything up and get to cooling when you realize that your mobile ac unit uses 5 inch duct for exhaust and air intake. You're irritated because the 5 inch vent outside covers are not included with the mobile air conditioner so you go back to the big box store scour the vent isle. You find 4 inch vents and 6 inch vents (all of them are paper thin by the way. . . ) but no 5 inch vents! You ask the attendant and they say they don't carry that size. You ask why. . . . .and they don't know. You're dumbfounded because you never thought you'd have to spend your time (or lack thereof) searching for a 5 inch outside wall vent.

You call around to a few different places. You ask around. Nobody knows what you are talking about. You start to get hot under the collar. You can't get cool if you can't use your a/c unit. And you can't use your a/c unit if you can't vent it! You start calling the a/c manufacturers. . . . . LG, EdgeStar, SoleusAir, Frigidaire, Samsung, Haier, Danby, Honeywell, NewAir, Whynter, Idylis, KuulAire, Koldfront, DeLonghi, Sharp. And they don't know what you are talking about. What? How is that possible? They tell you to do a google search. You google search for 5 Inch wall vents and you still struggle. . . . until you find Luxury Metals. And you visit this page, and you select your 5 inch vent in galvanized, copper or stainless steel. . . . . and you select a vent with screen only for air intake and with damper and screen for air conditioning exhaust air. . . .and you have it delivered to your front door in a few days. . . .and you hook up your portable air conditioner and you crank up the cooling. . . and you sleep like a hibernating bear for the rest of the summer! You feel good, you love life, and you will always give special props to Luxury Metals for stocking that obscure little 5 inch vent that nobody cared about! Order them here or the Aluminum Version Here

Relevant Testimonial

“Thank God I found you guys! A 5 inch wall vent is not easy to locate and I couldn't use my mobile air conditioner. Glad you have them readily available. I ordered a copper vent since we live in salt air. Looking forward to receiving it. Thanks!

- Samantha in Miami, FL