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Luxury Metals Makes All Sizes up to 48 Inch Connect for Large Commercial Applications

Over the years, the spinning roof turbine vent has been an effective way to vent hot air from large and small structures alike. The design uses outside wind speed to spin the blades of the turbine, creating an up-welling and suction effect to increase the turnover of air inside a building vs. regular passive air vents. Rising hot air from inside the building also helps to spin the vent. The turbine (whirlybird) vent requires no electrical supply and will spin as long as a minimal amount of wind is blowing. The Luxury Metals Turbine Vent uses long lasting maintenance free jewel bearings and heavy metal designs to withstand wear and tear over time. An effective turbine vent is a spinning turbine vent and we believe they must be built stronger to withstand the test of time. Order Turbines Here

Commercial and Industrial Warehouse buildings often times create excessive heat because of their design and heat producing processes inside and large scale electric ventilation systems can be difficult and very costly to implement. Larger turbine vents up to 48 inches in diameter (4 foot round connection) can transfer large volumes of hot air from inside a commercial building to the outside. Once installed, operating costs are not a big issue.

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Rotary Turbine Vents can be used for a variety of different structures including: home attic ventilation, commercial and industrial ventilation, agricultural and warehouse ventilation, composting toilet and outhouse vent covers, storm shelter and tornado shelter vent caps, shipping and storage container vents and landfill and environmental gas venting. Luxury Metals offers turbines in a full range of sizes including the hard to find 4", 6", and 8" sizes, as well as, 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 36" and 48" sizes. Materials available are Aluminum, Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Copper. We sell internally or externally braced (high wind braced) versions of these vents.

Call or email us with your building type, building use, roof type including roof pitch, square footage, ceiling height, current ventilation method as well as your shipping zip code and we will promptly assemble quote with general recommendations for the amount of ventilation needed. Online pricing does not apply for large style vents or large quantity quotes. A custom quote is needed.

Larger commercial customers can set up a credit account by filling out this form or emailing us your pre-populated commercial credit application.

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“Thank God I found you guys! A 5 inch wall vent is not easy to locate and I couldn't use my mobile air conditioner. Glad you have them readily available. I ordered a copper vent since we live in salt air. Looking forward to receiving it. Thanks!

- Samantha in Miami, FL