Customer Testimonials

General Testimonials

Hi Dave, I received my package this morning - thanks so much for such a fast turnaround! I wish more companies could master your level of customer service. Have a great day.

- Jane

We've been dealing with Luxury Metals for several years and are impressed with the personal service and quality products they offer. If you want something that will hold up substantially better than what's offered at the big box stores or local wholesale house these are the guys to go to.

- Brian McDonald, Outer Banks Heating and Cooling, North Carolina

Dave, this would be the fourth item ordered from you. Excellent quality. Thank you!

- Robert

Hi Dave, Got the parts today! Thank you for the great service. I will be continually recommending your product line in my HandyMan service.

- Cal

A very nice piece of workmanship. Thanks for a quick turnaround. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

- Frank

Your vents are the best I always include them in my projects. This is a good day for a good day.

- Kenneth

Good deal. Thank you for everything Dave! Glad we found you and your awesome vents.

- Kelly

Thanks. I like the product. I have not seen anything nearly as good.

- Bill

Thanks for getting the replacement part in the mail for me. You have done a stellar job! This sort of customer service along with great product quality is what makes buying an American made part from an American manufacturer so good (way better than the flimsy junk you get from Home Depot and if it is the wrong thing back to the store you go and it will likely take a few hours to deal with the return/replacement).

- Jeremy

I was really impressed by the quality of your product and I would buy it again. You can tell that your workers really pay attention to putting out a quality product. I am a licensed building contractor in the State of Alaska, and your vent duct far surpasses anything that I have seen either commercially or through local building or hardware stores. You might want to sell your vents commercially as I believe they would sell very well. Again thanks for your efforts and for a great product that I will recommend to others.

- Tom

I received the vent. It’s in good condition and very beautiful. Think we are going to build a new house around this vent!

- Normand

Thanks for the quality product!

- Ron

Dave, just received the vents! And let me tell you they are beautiful and very damn good quality! If I can get you more business from my neighbors I will.

- Greg

Love my other three I got from you early this spring, adding one more. Lots of compliments! Sharing your website.

- Richard

Love your products. The quality is unmatched. Thanks

- Bob

I got the order today. Wow! The vents are perfect!! I couldn’t be happier!

- Craig

Love your products. The quality is unmatched. Thanks

- Barb

Thank you …we use and recommend your stuff for all our projects in charleston.

- Leiana

Excellent products will order more!!!!!!!!

- George

The vents arrived yesterday as promised. The packing was excellent and the product is everything I had hoped for. Beautiful! Thanks for the product and the excellent service!

- Steve

It is nice to see you all carrying good products! I am a Florida General Contractor and hope to do more business with you. Thank you for the quick delivery.

- Doug

I just received my order...thank you for the great service!

- Chris
Wall Vents/Caps

I received the vent today. Looks awesome and solid. Truly excited to install it. Will definitely recommend you in the future.

- Tim

Hello Dave, ordered, received and now installed. Seems to be doing it's intended job for two weeks. We have had some great wind and ice storms in the past week here in southern Ontario without any downdraft issues. Thank you.

- George

I ordered one of the 8” S.S. vents. The Vent arrived yesterday and was built better than expected! Got it installed today with NO problems . Glad I spent the extra money and bought the Stainless Steel Vent. It’s no comparison to the Aluminum Vents on the market. Not one bit flimsy or easy to dent. Glad to see a company selling quality products these days. Also nice NOT to see made in China on the item!!

- Paul

I got the order today. Wow! The vents are perfect!! I couldn’t be happier!

- Thank you, Jack

Hello, I just want to let you know I just received my wall cap and very pleased how well it was constructed , very satisfied. Thank you,

- Jake

Hi Dave, I think this is the second vent I have from you, a fine piece of workmanship, clearly not junk or made in a rush. My father used to say:  "Quality is long remembered after price.” Thank you,

- John
Roof Caps

The cap arrived. It’s a very fine product, obviously well made.

- Louis

We bought about 12 caps three years ago and they still look great and stood up well to the elements, including bird poop. Thanks.

- James

Thanks again for making quality products, I just can’t seem to buy them anymore.

- Bill

Thank you folks for providing such well built products.

- Donald

Received the caps!! Work perfectly and look awesome!! Really appreciate the great work and speedy delivery!!

- Blake

I received my order today. You do great work, the caps look really nice. Hope to order from you again!

- Aaron

I know it might not mean much, and I am a small sale but I am very happy with the 10' vent I bought from you. Very sturdy, nice quality! Much nicer than other flimsy aluminum ones I've seen! Thanks,

- Lou

The vent cap I ordered last week arrived today in good condition. A quality product which shows superior workmanship and materials- much better than most of the junk others sell. Thanks!

- David

Hi Dave, I received the cap and adaptor last night and find it to be a work of art! Your workmanship is exceptional.

- Tom

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the vents I bought - sturdy, well finished & they stay closed! I connected the white dryer vent cover - looks great. And, the range hood installers are scheduled for next week. I'm going to tell everyone I know about Luxury Metals!

- Garret

Hi Dave, The vents showed up and are top notch – much nicer than anything I could find in the big box stores here in Minnesota. Thanks again

- Craig

Your website shows some beautiful work. I spent the summer remodeling our kitchen and put in a hood. I was pulling stuff out from the 20's and 40's. The house is made of poured slip-formed concrete and stucco. The vent goes straight through the wall and your vent cap is going to be a great finish. No copper in the house trim so I was disappointed I couldn't in good faith use the copper cap, that one is a piece of art. Thank You!

- Sam

The vents came in just two days and they are perfect. Very nice work and heavy gauge material. I will pass your info on to anyone needing metal work. Thanks again.

- Doug
Wind Defender

Good Afternoon Dave, I just wanted to let you know that the 6” stainless steel wind defender exhaust vent is working wonderfully. The old original vent used to bang in most wind situations. So far I have not heard your product bang or flutter once, and we've had some big wind days. Our place is located on the ocean so when I say big wind days I mean kite string breaking gusts from all angles and directions.

- Tim

My name is Richard, I'm a general contractor in the Boston area. I have to say I love your vent cover products. Every time I go to the local HVAC supply house to grab some piping and hood vent covers I'm always disappointed by the vent covers they sell. Complete junk. I really love the quality of your products especially the anti-wind feature on the vent hoods. Nothing more frustrating then listening to a cover banging in the wind. I just ordered a bunch of your 4" vent covers to have them in hand when I need them.

- John

Yesterday I had one of your windproof dryer vents installed on my home to replace an old vent that wouldn't stay closed. Today is a windy day below freezing, and for the first time in several years, my kitchen/bathroom floor are no longer ice cold.

- Sam

Looking forward to our second Wind Defender vent for our dryer. The Wind Defender we received and installed for our kitchen is perfect and we have no more flapping vent when it’s windy (and we’ve had lots of wind lately here on Long Island). Thanks for a great product!

- Peter

Just wanted to let you know that we finally got our Wind Defender installed, just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. We are delighted to tell you that despite 90 mph winds, we never noticed so much as a rattle from our vent! I'm so glad we found you, and I'm going to recommend the Wind Defender to several contractors who are working on homes in the area. Great product!

- Cyndi

Dave, Just wanted to let you know we ordered a 5" Wind Defender vent cap recently in an attempt to quiet our very noisy kitchen range vent flapping noise which drove us crazy during windy conditions. Installation was a snap, and the problem is solved- no noise now at all. We were so pleased we just ordered two 3" versions for two of our bathroom exhaust vents. Thanks for a great product.

- Ken
Kitchen & Bathroom Vent Covers

We are extremely pleased with our kitchen wall vent damper with the foam and magnet pad seal. It is truly wind, rattle, odor and sound proof. Saving energy is not our primary concern down here in SW Florida. We recommended you to our builder and suggested he use it on all his new home constructions.

- Joe

Just wanted to thank you for the range vent. Came in a timely fashion and in good condition worked perfectly.

- Carol
Butterfly Backdraft Dampers

Thank you Dave. We have used your products on a few projects now and we really like the quality. You'll be seeing future orders from us.

- Rick
Copper Wall Vents

Good customer service. I will continue to purchase thru you and refer fellow builders and designers your way. There are a lot of copper caps used on this little island.

- Chip

The copper dryer vent looks terrific and functions wonderfully. This should have been installed when the house was originally built.

- John

Good morning. I received the copper dryer vent Friday. It is installed and looks great. Nice quality (can’t beat Made in USA) and I loved the protective surface rapping.

- James

Hey Dave, I just received the copper vents that I ordered from you. You have a high quality product! Unbeatable price! Very pleased! Thanks

- Paul

I got your copper roof vent. Very nice! Thank you for your good work

- Jack
Stainless Steel Wall Vents

You make a nice looking product. My friend Reto who referred me to you has installed his stainless wall vents and they look great. Thanks again, I look forward to the arrival of mine.

- Bob

Dave, The turbine landed safely yesterday. I fit the adapter to a schedule 40 4" PVC and it is gold

- Thanks Jim

Dear Dave, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks- received my chimney cap and installed it right away. I’m so pleased with the quality and performance. We’ve experienced more gusty wind this year than ever and your wind directional cap has saved the day!! No more smoking down the chimney!! What a relief!!!

- Tracy
Vacuum Caps

Thanks. I received your vacuum cap the next day via UPS around noon. Perfect! Thanks so much. I must say the cap is doing the job. We had very high winds for the last couple of days and there was absolutely no blow back. You guys should sell these in Canada! Thanks for your GREAT service.

- Marlene
Chimney Caps

We have been having winds from 30-50 and so far there hasn’t been any smoke back down the chimney. Before it would back draft at about 20. I wish I had known of this years ago.

- Tom

The chimney cap fits fine, and looks great! Personally, I really like the look of it sitting up there. The design is unique and stands out among the usual Home Depot offerings. Well done.

- John

The exchange of the item to a different size was flawless, the chimney cap is perfect and the interaction was far better than I ever expected. I really appreciate how you treated me for my mistake and will recommend your company to friends with similar needs. I could not be more pleased and want to thank you for such a great experience.

- Lee

I forgot to mention yesterday. THANK YOU for treating me like a "regular" American when it comes to buying this item from your company. So many other companies out there either won't deal with Alaska customers or charge huge shipping surcharges that I don't understand. I don't mind paying the actual shipping charge or even a little more for the hassle of dealing with USPS instead of UPS or something like that, but often people jack it up so bad shipping more expensive than item bought. Anyway, Thank you again. I'll be sure to let my friends and neighbors know where to get a chimney cap when theirs blows off like mine did.

- Joe
Post Caps/End Caps

Dave I just wanted to give you some feedback. We received the post caps and I installed them a few weeks ago when we were at the lake. They look Fantastic.

- Danny

I did receive the Log Post End Caps. They are exactly what I needed and the quality of the caps is excellent. Thanks for getting them to me and for having such a great product.

- Lauren

Dave, So very sorry about the emails for tracking information! The log end caps arrived yesterday (Sunday?) and THEY ARE PERFECT!!!  We were so excited to receive them and have already put them on! I have attached a few pictures of the installed caps.  We had purchased Plastic caps previously and they only lasted a year and were never quite The Look that we wanted. These caps from you are EXACTLY what we wanted and needed!  We will definitely use your company again! Thank you,

- Beth

Our post caps are fabulous! Thank you so much

- Brenda

The post caps arrived this morning. Thank you! Very nice product!

- Mike
Range Hoods

Hood arrived today. Very nice. Thanks for prompt service, I will purchase it again in the future.

- Lance
Wind Directional Cap

Finally got my spinner cap on Friday the 23rd because of some crappy weather we were having.Shipping and packing was excellent, and everything inspected perfectly. I was very impressed with your construction quality, tolerances, and overall appearance. The heavier gauge metal definitely stood out from other products I looked at in stores. The bearing assembly is super heavy duty! With a grease fitting no less. However it was when I went to install it on the chimney itself is where I was most impressed. The cap and the adapter fit together like a glove. I expected that given that it was totally under your control at your shop. What I wasn’t sure of was how it was going to fit into my pipe on my roof. I got up there and looked down the pipe it looked clean enough and tried to slide it in, no go. I got out a large kitchen knife and cleaned the tiniest amount of creosote off(barely visible)far enough down for the bottom of the adapter to clear and tried again. The pipe assembly slid in with about 2lbs of pressure, no gap, touching completely all the way around, just as smooth as could be all the way down to the drip collar! Not even a 16th of an inch gap! Touching friction fit! Just want to let you know I appreciate your expert workmanship! Never thought I would be so excited about a chimney cap.

- Craig

Hi Dave, Regarding the 2 wind directional chimney caps I bought from you and installed on top of a 18" extension to the flue. Working like a charm. If I come across others with a need, I'll give your website.

- Ron

I'm reporting in on your wind directional chimney cap. I absolutely love it! Right after installing it the wind kicked up and I watched it continually adjust to face opposite to the wind. Then I opened my fireplace doors and no smoke entered the room even though I had the recirculating fan going on my gas furnace. I always had to turn it off before when I opened the doors or tons of smoke would come into the house. I have also noticed that I get less build up on my glass doors since the draft has improved even when there is very little wind. I have told a couple of my wood burning buddies about your cap already. One of them is coming over tonight to take a look at the quality of construction and to view how well it operates. It's slightly windy here with gusts so it's a perfect time for a demo. Thanks for all your help.

- Don
Flue Cap

Dave, Thank you for getting that flue cap to us so quickly. I think I ordered it on a Monday and we got it on Wednesday! Thank you again for your great service.

- Trisha in Montana
Rain Screen Wall Vent

These detachable hood rain screen vents are hard to find! I'm glad I found you and we were very pleased with the quality we got the vents when we opened the packages. Thanks for a top notch product and timely delivery!

-Christian S. Seattle WA
Deluxe Dryer Vent

This vent is beautifully crafted and adds a nice designer touch to our newly renovated home! I anticipate that it will last many years. Dave in customer service is courteous & prompt to return calls. ***Of note, the vent arrives with a white protective seal which must be removed***

- Karin

great product installs easy - works great! Glad I made this purchase ! I was so tired of the flimsy plastic piece of junk I had prior to this.

- Gerald

Built like a tank the dog won't chew this one up!

- Michael

Thanks to Dave at Luxury Metals and my new Deluxe Dryer Vent, I will be sleeping like a baby tonight as the Kansa winds howl at 40 mph. My new Deluxe Dryer Vent has stopped all “wind rattle” from the cheaper original vent that was causing me to lose sleep.

- David
Roof Base

The Flat Roof Jack base is a high quality product. If I need more of this product I will order from here. Best product I have come across. I bought the 4 inch Jack Base.

- Joseph
Flat Louvered Wall Vents

We ordered a 4 inch flush mount copper dryer vent. It arrived quickly and fits perfectly. The quality, fit and finish is top grade. We are very happy with your products and and you guys have a customer for life. Thank you very much for such a fine product.

- Gordon C