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"We've been dealing with Luxury Metals for several years and are impressed with the personal service and quality products they offer. If you want something that will hold up substantially better than what's offered at the big box stores or local wholesale house these are the guys to go to."

- Brian McDonald, Outer Banks Heating and Cooling, North Carolina

"Good Afternoon Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that the 6” stainless steel wind defender exhaust vent is working wonderfully. The old original vent used to bang in most wind situations. So far I have not heard your product bang or flutter once, and we are had had some big wind days. Our place is located on the ocean so when I say big wind days I mean kite string breaking gusts from all angles and directions."

Thanks again,
Tim Cameron

"Hi Dave,
Regarding the 2 wind directional chimney caps I bought from you and installed on top of a 18" extension to the flue. Working like a charm. If I come across others with a need, I'll give your website."

Happy Holidays,

"Hi Dave,
The vents arrived yesterday as promised. The packing was excellent and the product is everything I had hoped for. Beautiful! Thanks for the product and the excellent service!"

Best regards,
Steve Das

"Hi Dave,
You make a nice looking product. My friend Reto who referred me to you has installed his stainless wall vents and they look great. Thanks again, I look forward to the arrival of mine."

- Bob Ingham from Tasmania, Australia on 12/3/12

Good morning. I received the copper dryer vent Friday. It is installed and looks great. Nice quality (can’t beat Made in USA) and I loved the protective surface rapping."

- James Nordloh on 12/3/12

I'm reporting in on your wind directional chimney cap. I absolutely love it! Right after installing it the wind kicked up and I watched it continually adjust to face opposite to the wind. Then I opened my fireplace doors and no smoke entered the room even though I had the recirculating fan going on my gas furnace. I always had to turn it off before when I opened the doors or tons of smoke would come into the house. I have also noticed that I get less build up on my glass doors since the draft has improved even when there is very little wind. I have told a couple of my wood burning buddies about your cap already. One of them is coming over tonight to take a look at the quality of construction and to view how well it operates. It's slightly windy here with gusts so it's a perfect time for a demo. Thanks for all your help."

- Don Masters on 11/30/12

"Hi Dave,
Just wanted to let you know that we finally got our Wind Defender installed, just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. We are delighted to tell you that despite 90 mph winds, we never noticed so much as a rattle from our vent! I'm so glad we found you, and I'm going to recommend the Wind Defender to several contractors who are working on homes in the area. Great product!"

- Cyndi Fackler on 11/2/12

"Hey Dave,
I just received the copper vents that I ordered from you. You have a high quality product! Unbeatable price! Very pleased! Thanks".

- Paul Bellow on 9/24/12

Just wanted to let you know we ordered a 5" Wind Defender vent cap recently in an attempt to quiet our very noisy kitchen range vent flapping noise which drove us crazy during windy conditions. Installation was a snap, and the problem is solved- no noise now at all. We were so pleased we just ordered two 3" versions for two of our bathroom exhaust vents. Thanks for a great product."

- Ken Lane on 6/3/12

“Thanks. I received your vacuum cap the next day via UPS around noon. Perfect! Thanks so much. I must say the cap is doing the job. We had very high winds for the last couple of days and there was absolutely no blow back. You guys should sell these in Canada! Thanks for your GREAT service.”

- Marlene from Ontario, Canada

“It is nice to see you all carrying good products! I am a Florida General Contractor and hope to do more business with you. Thank you for the quick delivery.”

- Doug from Florida

“Hi Dave, The vents showed up and are top notch – much nicer than anything I could find in the big box stores here in Minnesota. Thanks again”

- Craig in Crosslake, MN

“I just received my order...thank you for the great service!”

- Chris from California

“Item received in good order. Arrived at P.O. Thursday, got my notice from the P.O. Friday, picked it up today. No additional charges for duty, handling etc. Thanks very much - I am happy with the price, speed, and very much with your prompt attention to my request.”

- Jan from British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for getting that flue cap to us so quickly. I think I ordered it on a Monday and we got it on Wednesday! Thank you again for your great service.”

- Trisha in Montana

“Hi Dave,
The exchange of the item to a different size was flawless, the chimney cap is perfect and the interaction was far better than I ever expected. I really appreciate how you treated me for my mistake and will recommend your company to friends with similar needs. I could not be more pleased and want to thank you for such a great experience.”

- Lee from Idaho

“Hello Tom,
The vent cap I ordered last week arrived today in good condition. A quality product which shows superior workmanship and materials- much better than most of the junk others sell. Thanks!”

- David in Pennsylvania

Your website shows some beautiful work. I spent the summer remodeling our kitchen and put in a hood. I was pulling stuff out from the 20's and 40's. The house is made of poured slip-formed concrete and stucco. The vent goes straight through the wall and your vent cap is going to be a great finish. No copper in the house trim so I was disappointed I couldn't in good faith use the copper cap, that one is a piece of art. Thank You!”

- Sam in Illinois

“Hello Dave:
I just found your site and bought a dryer vent and fresh air intake vent. You have great products. I knew products like this should be available. Great looking. Wish you the best. Thanks”

- John in New York

“Hey Dave,
The vents came in just two days and they are perfect. Very nice work and heavy gauge material. I will pass your info on to anyone needing metal work. Thanks again.”

- Doug in California

“Hi Dave
I received my package this morning - thanks so much for such a fast turnaround! I wish more companies could master your level of customer service. Have a great day.

- Jane in Vermont

“We received our vents today. I have bought from you before, you guys do good work. Thank you!”

- John in North Carolina

“I forgot to mention yesterday. THANK YOU for treating me like a "regular" American when it comes to buying this item from your company. So many other companies out there either won't deal with Alaska customers or charge huge shipping surcharges that I don't understand. I don't mind paying the actual shipping charge or even a little more for the hassle of dealing with USPS instead of UPS or something like that, but often people jack it up so bad shipping more expensive than item bought.

Anyway, Thank you again. I'll be sure to let my friends and neighbors know where to get a chimney cap when theirs blows off like mine did.”

- Joe from Alaska

I got your copper roof vent. Very nice! Thank you for your good work”

- Jack from Texas

“Hi Tom,
I was really impressed by the quality of your product and I would buy it again. You can tell that your workers really pay attention to putting out a quality product. I am a licensed building contractor in the State of Alaska, and your vent duct far surpasses anything that I have seen either commercially or through local building or hardware stores. You might want to sell your vents commercially as I believe they would sell very well. Again thanks for your efforts and for a great product that I will recommend to others.”

- Tom from Alaska