Dryer Vents Made From Thick American Metal
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Dryer Vents are not a very exciting by nature, but you would be surprised by the positive reaction that we get when talking to customers who have found our site and purchased our vents. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "I'm so glad we found you. . . .we can't find any decent quality dryer vents or wall vents in my area."

The Big Box Stores carry flimsy poor quality vents and the supply houses have a limited offering and generally don't sell to the public. We're happy to fill the void and have a large stock of copper dryer vents, stainless steel dryer vents, galvanized dryer vents and aluminum dryer vents that are ready to ship directly to your location.

Our metal vents are different because of their hand built quality and thicker metal construction. We also offer copper, stainless, galvanized, or aluminum vents to fit within the parameters of your project and budget. Our dryer vents resist corrosion and stand up to mother nature.

If you are in a windy location and struggling with a flapping or rattling damper I would recommend our Wind Defender Wall Vent. The wind guard at the bottom has proven to help with noisy vents. It also prevents birds and rodents from opening the damper and gaining access, and provides an energy efficient foam seal to keep the cold air out.

Relevant Testimonial

“I spent $100,000 remodeling and renovating the outside of my home and then my contractor's final touch was a flimsy paper thin dryer vent that my 2 year old could smash to bits. Needless to say, I thought I could find better. I'm happy to have found you and can't wait to see the copper dryer vent in action. I'll spread the word. Thanks!"

- Dave in Dallas, Texas

Here are a few important clothes dryer vent safety guidelines to keep in mind which could prevent fire and other assocaited clothes dryer dangers:

  • -Don't Forget to Clean your Lint Trap Screen after Every Use.
  • (this improves dryer efficiency and reduces fire danger)
  • -Check Duct and Exterior Vent for Lint Build Up Often.
  • -Use Hard Rigid Pipe Whenever Possible. Smooth Pipe Prevents Clogs.
  • -Never Use Plastic or Vinyl Dryer Vent Ducting.
  • -Do Not Use Rivets or Screws to Connect Duct work. These Collect Lint.
  • -Use a Quality Metal Vent that Allows for Easy Cleaning and Resists Damage
  • -Damaged Edges Provide Areas that will Collect Lint

In general, just pay attention and use common sense and keep those vents and ducts as clean as possible! Clothes Dryer Fires happen all the time!

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