Our Premium, Heavy-Duty, and Long-Lasting Metal Options

heavy duty long lasting metal exterior vent caps

About Our Metal

Our vents are made of American metal that is a heavier gauge and higher quality than most vent manufacturers.

The 26 gauge thickness of our vents provides extra rigidity to ward off dents, bending and warping that can be caused by shipping, weather, use, and time.

When choosing your metal option consider the style of your home, the weather patterns in your area, your desired vent lifespan and personal preference. Copper is a more traditional look. Stainless Steel is a more modern look. If wanting to paint, Galvanized is usually preferred. Copper is preferable in direct sea salt spray.

How Our Metal Ages

Copper --- Our copper dryer exhaust vents, copper roof vents, and other copper exhaust vents will oxidize over time and change color to brown and then ultimately to a greenish hue (patina).

See Copper Vent Weatherization Timeline Chart

Many people value the ornamental look of metal after aging, and the change in color depends on the climate of the area in which you live. The timing of color changes to your vents will depend on the exposure of the vent to the elements. In drier climates it will take longer for copper to patina, while in more humid and wet climates copper changes color more quickly. An alternative to allowing the natural aging process is to coat the copper with a weather protecting clear coating that will maintain the new and shiny copper color for years.

Stainless Steel --- A high quality metal and the hardest material we sell. Stainless steel vents will only tarnish slightly as water dries on the surface and the shiny stainless finish is easily regained by wiping the service with water or a cleaning solution.

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Galvanized --- Galvanized metal vents will hold a finish well over time, however many people prefer to paint the metal a color that matches their roof or exterior wall color. For best results painting galvanized metal, consult your local paint professional or prepare the metal by rubbing an acidic solution (denatured alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar) and wipe clean before painting it. A good metal primer is recommended.

Custom Colors --- We now offer custom powder coating solutions for minimum orders of any six vents so you can match your exterior paint color with long lasting, heavy duty coating that will last.

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