Metal Wall Vents Made With Thicker Metal!
Decorative Metal Outdoor Vent Covers with Spring Load and Foam Seal

Luxury Metals metal wall vents are made from a heavier gauge metal than most other exhaust vents on the market. Our vents are made from 26 gauge metal while most vents available are made from 28 or 30 gauge metal. (Metal thickness is greater when the number is smaller). We offer over 75 models of our metal wall vents by including the following options:

  1. Damper, Screen, or Both
  2. Copper, Stainless, or Galvanized Steel
  3. Round or Rectangular Duct Shape
  4. Upgraded Design with special features that reduce noise, damper rattle and prevent energy loss.

The hooded wall vent design has been around for many years, however, our design has some unique upgrades that differentiate us from others. We offer

  1. Heavier gauge metal that is better equipped to handle "Mother Nature"
  2. Spring-loaded dampers on the dampered or "flapper vent models"
  3. Optional Wind Defender Model to prevent louver rattle
  4. Screen that is pressed into the pipe face
  5. Copper and Stainless models are delivered with a removable plastic coating that protects the vent during the manufacturing process.
Relevant Testimonial

“Hi Dave, The vents showed up and are top notch – much nicer than anything I could find in the big box stores here in Minnesota. Thanks again. ”

- Craig in Crosslake, MN

Our outdoor metal wall vents are used for a variety of residential and commercial exhaust uses including dryer vents, bath fan exhaust vents, kitchen range hood exhaust vents, and other exterior exhaust needs.

Additionally, wall vents are commonly used for air intake vents to bring in fresh outside air for furnace and heating appliances, for HRV and ERV recovery systems and for whole house air systems.

Order online, call, or email us and we'll take care of you promptly. We're proud to provide some of the best customer service you'll probably experience, and sturdy, well made outdoor vent covers that were manufactured right here in the United States of America!

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers. We're proud to serve you!

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  • black dryer vent
  • copper roof vent

Copper Wind Defender Wall Vent

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